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Get 3 months of FREE service* when you sign up for Zap Cap Systems** - offer expires March 31, 2024

*Monthly service charge will be credited for a total of three months after the installation fee, and additional products, if applicable, are paid for.
**Only eligible for Basic Package

Zap Cap Systems Advanced Protection

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If a power surge affects your home or business, it may mean sudden damage to the appliances and equipment you rely on every day. The loss will definitely affect your daily routine and could mean expensive replacement, too.

To help keep your life – and your business – on course, Tampa Electric offers Zap Cap Systems® – advanced surge protection and premium power service for all your needs.

50,000 of your neighbors are protected, because this program works. Learn more about our premium services for your home or customizable protection for your business.

Certain limited warranties and restrictions apply.

Zap Cap Systems Premium Service